Hello and thank you so much for stopping by Viva Vintage.

My collection of vintage is an eclectic one.

I embrace the diversity of eras and styles and create unity with the character of a piece- its patina or timeworn charm, or perhaps the linkage is colour, pattern or texture.

Nevertheless my offerings are thoughtfully considered with the intention that they will bring you joy. They are also made to last, unique, long lived and timeless.

I firmly believe that if you love a piece (even if that love surprises you!) it will be harmonious in your space~ and encourage you to find a place for it~ as this is creating your true home.

I admire layered interiors~ gathered over time and that represent the travels of life. Full of variety, nostalgia, an instant inspired connection or tactile quality, or gifted from dear ones.
These all combine together to create their own beautiful and individual space~ that is showing and telling their life. These interiors are interesting, personal and thought provoking.

Mixing and combining vintage items to create a visual story and vignette is a cherished way to pass an hour or two. I love to find a visual connection~ finding a small detail in a piece and then focusing on that to connect with others. Thus creating my unique version of beauty.

I really hope that your time at Viva Vintage inspires you to create a home that is true to you.
I appreciate your support of my little store very much- thank you. 
Ged x 
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